Materia e Virtuosismo

Artigianato e Palazzo, Florence, 15-17 September 2023

For this edition, which took place in the “European Year of Skills” – instituted by the European Commission – the subject of the exhibition has been “Materia e Virtuosismo”: in the splendid setting of the Limonaia Focus in Corsini Garden, a selection of objects representative of the best technical and creative skills in Tuscany have been on display to present the excellence of craftsmanship and true virtuosity. “Materia e Virtuosismo” aimed to show and make known  the exceptional levels that experience and technique reach when they generate true masterpieces, which arouse the desire to be treasured by present and future generations and to be admired over time. Symbols of man’s infinite creative abilities, and of his striving to know and challenge the limits of materials.

MIDA 2023: Galleria dell’Artigianato shop

Florence, Fortezza da Basso 25 april- 1 may 2023

A selection of unique pieces of contemporary craftsmanship has been presented at MIDA 2023 -the International Craft Fair of Florence.   Sculptures and ceramics were presented with the “shop” formula: not just an exhibition but the possibility of purchasing the works displayed. Unique pieces of high craftsmanship with contents of creativity and innovation available to the public: from gifts to collectors, passing through those who simply love to decorate their homes.


Florence , 16-18 September 2022

The  exhibition was hosted by Artigianato e Palazzo, in the splendid setting of the Corsini Garden in Florence, from 16 to 18 September 2022.

The subject of the exhibition was “Transparencies”: as part of the initiatives for the “2022 – International Year of Glass”, established by the UN. Glass, crystal, alabaster, fabrics and other materials that allow the vision through the work itself, to create multiple levels of reading: light and reflections create suggestions. Once again the unique pieces of the Galleria dell’Artigianato have been admired by an attentive audience of seekers of beauty and originality.

Armonie in bianco

Pietrasanta  12 March- 3 April 2022

A journey into white and its many nuances, looking for light and purity in the  the creativity and excellence of Tuscan craftsmanship. The exhibition, held in the suggestive Sala delle Grasce of the Luigi Russo Cultural Center in Pietrasanta – Lucca, hosted jewels, sculptures, ceramics, textile creations, fashion accessories, design objects by 23 Tuscan artisans.

Viaggio in Toscana

Firenze  16-19 settembre 2021

Artigianato e Palazzo  hosted the exhibition “Viaggio in Toscana”  in the beautiful setting of the Corsini Garden. A real journey through the Tuscan territories and the places of Tuscan artistic production.

Splendide Trame

Grosseto 18 – 26 September 2021

The “Le Clarisse Cultural Centre”, with Gianfranco Luzzetti Collection Museum, hosted this exhibition: the works of 36 Tuscan artisans, with a focus on some excellent productions from the Grosseto and Maremma areas. The high craftsmanship was presented in dialogue with the works of art  of the Luzzetti Museum, with the Bigi Church as its fulcrum, in a fascinating attraction of lights, colors and materials between works and paintings.